Your December 2023 Welcome Offer 

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You invest: 1 x 137,-€ | You get: 2 x 70 min. full focus

Incl. preliminary talk & documentation of your session successes

(Fee agreements are always made individually acc. to consulting volume, fair + social.
If applicable, the costs will be covered by your employer)

How we get together

Wherever you are:

Phone- & online coaching

The peace and protection of your own home or garden or wherever you've got a quiet place for yourself offers ideal conditions for our work together - conveniently e.g. via Phone, Skype or Google Meet. 

In Berlin Tegel: 

Forest walk coaching

The forest walk coaching is a special experience:
The balancing power of the forest radiates on us while we calmly find out step by step what it takes to accomplish your individual goal.

Halfway there is a quiet clearing with a place to sit. A proven place of power for coaching, training and meditative thought journeys. 

Meeting point:  "Dicke Marie", oldest tree in Berlin , Tegel Forest.  

In Berlin Alt-Tegel: 

Here we find a pleasant positive and creative flair in a protected space for coaching, consulting and training.

Location: Galerie Artemis, Schulstrasse 14, 13507 Berlin 

You are welcome with your individual matter!

Selection of my services & inspiration:

Psychol. Relationship Counseling

Relationships with family, partners, friends, neighbors, colleagues and superiors regularly invite growth and offer challenges that lead to personal limits. 

The (inner) attitude towards the mother often plays a key role here.

How can you keep a clear head in conflicts and see them from a perspective that leads to acceptance and peace? 

How do you achieve a balance between the need for connection with others and the need for separation and autonomy? 

We use tried and tested methods of success to initiate positive change.

Communication training & Conflict management

  • Do you find it challenging to represent your authentic position to others in a self-confident manner? 

  • Do you find it unpleasant and difficult to ask for things, to address something critical or to say no?


  • Do you also find it difficult to speak confidently or to counter in front of others, and do you wish you were more quick-witted or body-language confident? 

Then the communication and conflict training is the right choice for your private and professional life, also for executives:

In the training, I give you will get precise feedback and solutions. 

You will also learn proven methods of communication science, such as Rosenberg's non-violent communication.

Career coaching

Through proven systemic questioning techniques and imagination, we find out:

  • What work matches your nature.

  • How you get the job you want.

  • How to eliminate inner and outer conflicts in your existing work and get into a creative flow that fulfills you and leads to success.

In addition, you will be provided with effective time and stress management tools!

EQ training

The ability to understand one's own feelings and those of the other person, to react to them "appropriately" (emotional competence) and to empathize is the basis for happy interpersonal relationships, both in private and professional life. 

Which mental steps do I have to take to build a bridge to the other person?

With a diverse interdisciplinary mix of methods and proven coaching tools, we find out which mental steps we have to take to build a bridge to the other person and specifically cultivate the ability of connecting empathy.

Self-worth coaching

The 3-step program:

1. What does healthy self-worth even feel like? 

2. What changes and activities does it take on the inside, what changes does it take on the outside to make it blossom? 

3. How do I nurture the relationship with myself in a way that leads to self-love and thus promotes emotional independence?

In the Training we will find out how to achieve a way of life with integrity, in which thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony, and how to anchor this securely in your everyday life.

SQ mentoring & meditation

The spiritual intelligence quotient is a key for inner and outer peace in one's own life. 

Behind most wishes for success and performance goals are longings for meaningful experience and trusting integration. 

Do you have unresolved questions about meaning and the desire to activate your joy of life that comes from within? 

Which way of life and thinking is one of the many which are possible for sense goals, is for example taught at the World Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris: 

The captivatingly logical teaching knowledge has numerous parallels to Positive Psychology, among others, and deals with essential topics such as: 

  • Self-Empowerment & Self-Mastery
  • Transformation
  •  Karma-Philosophy (deed or action / law of cause and effect)
  • Relationship between man and "God/Life/Universe" 
  • Meaning of life

In the training you will learn, among other things, RajaYoga for the mind (raja = king, yoga = unity), the oldest form of meditation, which combines sitting in silence with consciously chosen thoughts. Lovingly conquering one's own mind is considered the supreme discipline. 

This source of power, in combination with the comprehensive teaching knowledge, enables self-directed happiness from within, in the sense of emotional stability and inner peace.

Highly Sensitive (HSP) coaching

The predisposition of high sensitivity affects about 20% of the world's population - women and men alike.

High sensitivity (the gift of heightened sensibility) is often initially associated with special emotional sensitivities, but this is not necessarily the case, as this depends on the intrapsychic regulatory competence of the individual.

What is certain is that people with this disposition have an increased sensory sensitivity to stimuli, which can affect all senses:

In the same amount of time, more stimuli - positive as well as negative - are taken in, which have to be absorbed and processed quasi unfiltered.

If regular regeneration fails to occur, the brain runs hot. The result is acute overstimulation, during which highly sensitive people have to pay so much attention to themselves that they can hardly show consideration for others: 

This would mean further stimulus intake in the then already overflowing barrel. Often somatizations, i.e. physical complaints up to states of exhaustion are the result of overstimulation.

Since I myself go through life with a highly sensitive disposition, I combine coaching with mentoring  (passing on experience and knowledge). 

I invite you to discover this disposition as a strength and to recover and value its unique treasures.

You will receive a proven self-care program that we will adapt to your needs in order to master the challenges of daily life with ease and joy.

Self-Care coaching & Stress management

We find out where supposedly small adjusting screws and which building blocks bring big improvements, so that the well-being basis for a life in balance stands reliably. 

For this we harmonise and strengthen - depending on your wishes - e.g. the following areas:

  • Sleep-wake-rhythm
  • Media consumption (mental diet)
  • Nutrition
  • Work situation
  • The home as a place of power & wellness
  • The fulfillment of the 4 needs
  • Self-care routine
  • Stress coping strategies
  • Recovery times 
  • Sustainability and eco-aspects, in the sense of a lifestyle that is beneficial for people and the environment

'Don't choose to absorb or to reflect!

Choose to transform!'

BK Sister Shivani