The vision 

When I was a little girl, my mother used to comment on difficult situations by saying:

"Well, we live in the Iron Age!" To which she would then add, consolingly, "But the golden age will come back. It is only a question of time.

But what is actually the difference? 

Then as today I imagine the golden earth age in such a way that the living beings deal there peacefully and benevolently with each other - everyone in its sphere of activity. 

Prerequisite for this golden togetherness:

Each one knows first to pay attention to the charge level of his own life force battery and to charge it himself, every day anew. Only then he goes into the field of relationships, where he wants to give, in an attitude independent of others, instead of needing and wanting to have. And so he can accept the other generously and without conditions.

Here, then, it is no longer the other or others on the outside who are responsible for my basic well-being, but I myself, drawing from within, fully aware of my constructive creative power.

Doesn't then the iron age or even hell also have to be considered as a condition in one's own mind, which we can - basically immediately - transform into a golden radiant paradise through thought alchemy?

I say yes, we can - and in any case I myself have managed a change from emotional dependence and shifting of responsibility to the outside world, to a freer self-responsible more positive way of life. And it feels good to be on this path, on which I may sometimes stumble or fall, but in any case I know: This is the right place for me!

So: Let's go - into our personal golden age, in the here and now!

Both science and spirituality invite us to experiment: If it doesn't work this way, it will work differently! Instead of giving up, let's try again, but in another way.... 

Yours Daniela Günter