Personal & Business Coaching 

Solution-strategic thinking | activating skills | achieving goals

In Coaching we see you, the client, as an equal partner and actual expert of your issue. In the process I support you professionally in finding and realising new options for action, customized success strategies and solutions for your private or professional change desires and development goals:

Professionally grounded, with a rich variety of highly effective methods and tools that open up a mental space and thought process in which you will unleash unimagined possibilities, solutions, resources and strengths.

Psychological Counseling

Release blockades – feeling right, whole and taken care of

With my holistic-integrative oriented Psychological Counseling I offer you a confidential discussion- and processing framework:

For coping with smaller and larger crises of life, acute or chronic stress, conflict resolution, decision making, reorientation as well as for more joy of life, confidence, emotional stabilty and meaningful goals:

As a fulfilled life needs the knowledge and balancing of all four needs – emotional, intellectual, physical as well as spiritual or meaning-related. 

Interdisciplinary empowerment concept

My empowerment concept is an interdisciplinary mix of methods that combines coaching, training, consulting and mentoring adapted to your individual needs. 

My aim is to enable you to achieve your goal as soon as possible and to play an effective part in freeing you from stress, helplessness, motivation gaps and, in particular, conflicts:

In this way, you can once again, or for the first time, shape and enjoy life the way you really want to - satisfied and at peace with yourself and your world.

"A thought, even a possibility, can shake and transform us."

F. Nietzsche