I am Daniela Günter, your contact person for: 

  • Systemic Personal & Business Coaching
  • Holistic-integrative Psychological Counseling
  • Mentoring & Competence Training

I support you in case of acute or chronic stress, crises, need for clarification, desire for change and development goals in the areas:

  • Relationship with oneself & others
  • Career | vocation 
  • Meaning of life | lifestyle
  • Family | partnership

My working method includes a client-focused mix of:

  • Highly effective coaching & NLP methods
  • Experience-activating actionmethods
  • Hypnocoaching & meditative imagination 
  • Psychoeducation: professional knowledge transfer
  • Mentoring: experience-based knowledge transfer 
  • Self-empowerment tools

It enables.:

–> An inner change of perspective in order to recognize and change dysfunctional belief systems and relationship patterns.


–> A change of perspective towards the other, in order to remove the breeding ground for conflicts on the outside.

Again and again I feel great joy and gratitude to be able to experience the coaching successes of myself and of clients.

For 16 years now, following an inner need, I have been constantly educating myself in the fields of psychology, philosophy and personal development.
I have always had an unflinching profound interest in my counterpart.

In my work with clients, my own highly sensitive disposition, which entails an almost filterless absorption of all sensory stimuli, limits me quantitatively, in that I cannot, e.g. receive as many clients.
At the same time, the so called high sensitivity qualitatively expands my possibilities, in terms of a likewise almost filterless empathy and intuition:

An unusually fast grasp of affective sensations and topics of my counterpart was reported back to me again and again.
In doing so, I always meet clients first and foremost with politeness and appreciation.

I look forward to meeting you!

Qualification & Vita

Further education focus: 

→ Complete list 

  • Systemic coaching | Business coaching
  • Family- systemic constellation work
  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Conflict management / De-escalating conversation
  • Non-violent communication acc. to Marshall Rosenberg
  • Coping with high sensitivity
  • Resilience & mindfulness  


Brief overview: 

→ Complete LinkedIn-profile 

  • Born in 1980, from Hamburg

  • Study abroad in Madrid | 2003-05: teacher training at the University of Hamburg (incl. intercultural understanding, educational psychology)

  • 2005-07: Traineeship, editorial work. Interviews with public personalities, incl. event management: Social grand receptions, political roundtables,  

  • 2007-10: Own Psychoanalysis according to Freud (300 hours) 

  • Since 2009: Media consultant for CSR-magazines (Corporate social responsibility)

  • Since 2011 I live close to nature in northern  Berlin

  • 2022-2023: "Empower Yourself - Dein Coaching-Podcast" 

  • Since 4/2023: Certificate course, state approval (ZFU-certified) in psychological counselour/personal and business coach acc. to Dr. Björn Migge, Apollon Academy, subsid Apollon University of Applied Sciences (total: 830 hours)

  • Since 4/2023: Regular professional webinars on coaching  case discussions

  • Languages, fluent: german, english and swedish 

Legal note:
My offer is a counseling psychological activity outside of the medical profession. 

This is therefore not subject to approval or supervision according to the Psychotherapists Act, because "the practice of psychotherapy does not include psychological activities that have as their object the reappraisal and overcoming of social conflicts or other purposes outside of healing" (PsychThG § 1 Berufsausübung, para. 3).  

This is psychological counseling to help overcome psychosocial problems according to PsychThG § 1 Berufsausübung, para. 3, sentence 3.

Daniela Günter-Personal Coach-Mentoring, Healingtogo, Coaching für Self-Empowerment

"Problem space is not solution space."

A. Einstein