Personal Recommendations

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When pictures give us love...

I recommend the Art Shop of painter Ulrike Hirsch, whose pictures have a therapeutic effect and strengthen us in fields such as self-love and love of life. Near Leipzig, she also offers workshops on intuitive painting amongst others.

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When Qi Gong leads to self-discovery...

The Berlin Qi Gong teacher Dr. Shuang Zuang makes us arrive at the body, with her loving and joyful nature and Qi Gong exercises. "If you want to love yourself, you have to find  yourself first", says Shuang.

When a desire for wilderness & community calls...

...Philipp Leuschner is a good companion. He offers nature connection and survival knowledge for adults, companies and children. "We encounter nature in a mindful way and thus embark on a journey that also leads us to our inner selves", says the Berlin wilderness educator (e.g. bookable via VHS).

Lyrical inspiration for the "Forest Walk Coaching"

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The Forest

Poet Bo Setterlind's poem "Skogen" translated from Swedish from "Nefertiti's Wisdom and Other Poems", 1968:

Have you forgotten that the forest is your home,
That the great deep silent forest
is waiting for you as a friend?
Leave the troubles of the city
come back to the forest
Only then you can become whole again.
Have you forgotten that the forest is your friend?
The ant's way under the sky,
The source where such bright conversations grow
The clearing where you play with the rain
are they forgotten?
Don't you remember them?